You asked... we did

You asked... could the school council pupils wear yellow polo shirts in the summer as it is too hot for them to wear their sweatshirts?

We... ordered new yellow polo shirts for all school council members financed by the Friends of Littlecoates

You asked... could we have a medical room instead of pupils waiting in the office area?

We... made a new mentor room and medical room from space taken in the library.

You asked... can we raise money for the Dementia Trust?

We... held a film night and presented a cheque to this charity.


You asked... could there be provision for 2 year old funded places in school?

We... provided Littlecoates Daycare for two year olds

You asked... could there be more flexibility for Nursery provision?

We... are currently exploring possibilities of offering full day provision for nursery aged children.

You asked... for a user friendly website and use of social media for communication

We... have a super website that is kept up to date with everything that goes on in school and a Facebook page for information regarding school dates etc.