Reading with your child at home

Top Tips to Help Your Child Read

Hearing your child read at home is an important part of learning to read for every child. It is also an enjoyable activity that gives you and your child quality time together. Here are some top tips to make this a positive experience for you both.

  • Set aside a quiet ten to fifteen minutes with no distractions.
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Make reading fun and enjoyable.
  • Sit with your child. If they lose interest, stop and make time later.
  • Don’t correct every mistake your child makes. Instead give them time to self-correct.
  • Say ‘Let’s read that together,’ instead of ‘That’s wrong!’ Tell them unknown words and let them repeat them to you.
  • Praise you child often. It boosts their confidence.
  • Choose a book that your child can read mostly accurately. This will make them feel like a successful reader and will encourage them to read more.
  • Read a variety of books and reading materials with your child. Besides their reading (story) book read picture books, comics, magazines, poems and information books with them too.
  • Communicate with the class teacher via their homework book, reading diary or home/school contact book. Tell us good things and any concerns.

If you click the link below you will be able to download a document that has some great questions that you could ask your child whilst they are reading to you.

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