Attendance rewards at Littlecoates Academy

We love to celebrate fantastic attendance at Littlecoates. Below are some of the ways we reward both parents and children at school.

Well done parents

Every week we reward the parents/carers of 1 child who has had 100% attendance during the week.

The parents receive a £10 ASDA voucher.

Well done KS1 children

If the classes in KS1 get above 96% attendance (our school target for attendance) during the week then they get extra playtime or golden time




Well done KS2 children

During the week KS2 children earn tokens, 1 for each half day they attend school.

These then get added up at the end of the half term and get converted into % of attendance. The % a child gets determines what prize they get.

100% = top prizes (nurf guns, marvel mugs and dvd etc)

96% - 99% = next level prizes (sports cups, whiteboards and Roald Dahl books etc)

90% - 96% = next level prizes (pens, pencils and notepads etc)

Below 90% = no prize