What are we learning this term?

This term, our topic is Animals. 

We will be learning about different animals and their homes. 

We will look at fish & other sea life creatures , then we will learn about where they live and use all this information to make a large aquarium display board in Day Care.   Do you have any fish at home? Do they live in a tank inside or in the pond in your garden?

As well as animals that live in the water, we will learn about animals that live in hot places, cold places and animals that live in our country.

Have you been to a farm before? Or maybe a zoo? Can you remember which animals you saw?

We will also pretend to be some different animals and birds, moving in different ways to different types of music and making different animal sounds.

Please bring us some photographs of any animals you may have seen. These could be your pets or animals you have seen on a day out..

Keep an eye out for our creative work going on to our topic board soon too. 




We are reading.....

Over the next few weeks, we will be reading Commotion in the Ocean a lot! This is because we are learning all about creatures that live under the sea. Which sea creature is your favourite?