How can you support your child's learning?

We value the knowledge of Parents and Carers and want to work together with you to provide the best start for your child. Working with you will ensure that starting at and also continuing at Day Care is a positive experience for both adults and children.

You are encouraged to share any comments, questions or concerns with a member of staff who will be happy to help. 

There are several ways you can share information with us......

Topic Talk

Our topic this term is 'Animals'


To support this topic, you could.........

* Enjoy looking at books together. Which animals are in the story? Where do those animals live?

* Sing nursery rhymes or songs that feature animals. For example, Incy Wincy Spider, Old MacDonald or Row row row your boat. (Please ask us if you need the song words.)

* Use technology to show animals in their surroundings. Cbeebies has some story videos you could share together on a tablet.Can your child operate the touch screen? Or if you would rather watch a little bit of television, Down on The Farm or My Pet & Me are short programmes on Cbeebies all about different animals the children may recognise.

* Look at your surroundings....When you are out for a walk or in the car, see who can spot a cat or a bird for example. What colour are they? How do they move?

Please remeber to let us know what you find out.


Next Steps Tree & Interest Bubbles

On the 'Next Steps' tree, each child has a leaf. We will put a target from the EYFS on their leaf for them to work towards, then when it is achieved we will replace it with a new target. This target could be an extension of something they have just completed or maybe something they have started to show an interest in working towards. If you see your child doing something at home which is connected to this target, please let us know. We can add this information to your child's assessment.

Also on your child's leaf is a small 'interests' bubble. We will note things we see your child showing an interest in whilst in Day Care, but we would love you to write on these too. This will allow us to plan following interests the children have so that they hopefully become engaged in activities and play at Day Care. 

Superstar Slips

We have Superstar Slips for you to complete when you child has done something special or new at home. These can then be added to your child's assessments.   It can be for something you may think is simple, such as helping you to butter their toast or for playing with another child. We love to hear about what your child is doing at home, especially as we may not get to see it at Day Care.

There are some slips next to the 'Next Steps' tree, but please ask if you need any more.

Bring them in and hand them to a member of staff and we will put them on our tree.