Each week choose an activity from the Homework topic sheet.  There are many fun and exciting things to choose from.  

Don't forget to do these bits of homework listed below.  It really does help you to do well in class, and makes your work in lessons easier.


Monday - Big Maths - see fact sheet in homework book.

Tuesday - Research the 'Spelling Pattern of the Week'.

Wednesday - Read some of your book. Make a prediction about what will happen next and why you think that.

Thursday - Times tables practise - see fact sheet in front of homework book.

Friday - Read some of your book, Write a paragraph to summarise what has happened.

Weekend - Practice your spellings; put them into sentences (correctly punctuated).


Below is the Year 5/6 spelling list. These are the words all Year 5/6 children should be able to spell and put into a sentence by the end of Year 6