Summer term...

This term our work is all about finding things out, just like a detective!

In our Literacy lessons, we will continue reading longer class books. As we enjoyed "Fantastic Mr Fox" so much, we are going to read another book by Roald Dahl. George's Marvellous Medicine is a lot of fun, and we are going to be writing recipes just like George's. We are even going to have  go at following a recipe to make our own soup in D & T!! Sounds delicious.

In Science, we will be learning all about plants including wild flowers and trees. We are hoping for lovely weather so that we can be outside a lot, finding out about the plants around school and using our new knowledge to plant lots more to make our environment a brighter place.

In History and Geography, we will be finding out all about our school, when it was built, what sort of lessons the children had and any other interesting facts - like did anyone ever get the cane? We can use our Geography skills to draw maps and find out more about the school environment as well as using our plants knowledge from Science to brighten it up and attract more wildlife.

In Art, we will be looking at a painting called "Sunflowers" by Vincent Van Gogh. We will be doing paintings of our own and we are even going to have a go at using fabric and textiles to create a very different version!!!

Lots of exciting things going on for Year 1, as you can see!

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