Let's celebrate...

We are very proud of our award winners this week. Well done everyone and keep it up!

Star of the Week

Georgia is our Star of the Week this week. Georgia could be our star every week!  She is always very kind and polite and does everything we ask of her.  Georgia has never been on our sad face. Well done Georgia.  Keep it up!

Writer of the Week

Mataya-Leyora is our Writer of the Week this week because she chooses to go to the writing table during free flow play and draws some beautiful pictures.  This week she even tried to writye her name!  Well done Mataya-Leyora.  Keep it up!

Reader of the Week

Desiree is our Reader of the Week this week because she is really enjoying reading our Fairy stories and retold the story of the Gingerbread Man using our story map. Well done Desiree. Keep it up!

Tidier of the Week

Samanta is our Tidier of the Week this week. Samanta always does good tidying at tidy up time! Well done Samanta.  Keep it up!