Let's celebrate...

We are very proud of our award winners this week. Well done everyone and keep it up!

Star of the Week

Savannah is our Star of the Week this week. Savannah used to find it hard to sit still on the carpet at circle time, but this week she has sat beautifully and done really good listening at circle time.  Well done Savannah.  Keep it up!

Writer of the Week

Oscar is our Writer of the Week this week.  During free flow play Oscar is now happy to draw a picture.  He can even write his 'O' for Oscar!  Well done Oscar.  Keep it up!

Reader of the Week

Laura is our Reader of the Week this week because she has really impressed Miss Sapsed when she answered lots of questions about her library book.   Well done Laura. Keep it up!

Tidier of the Week

Sara is our Tidier of the Week this week. Sara isn't always keen to tidy up but this week she has been a superstar! Well done Sara.  Keep it up!