Sleepy Shepherd

Well done to Nursery, Reception and Year 1 for all their hard work on their superb production of 'The Sleep Shepherd'. 

It was thoroughly enjoyed by the older children, staff and parents/carers.


Nursery have enjoyed some Halloween themed activities this week including scooping out pumpkins, making pumpkin pie with mixed responses to the taste and using paint and glitter to decorate the pumpkins.

Drumming Workshop

The whole school received a visit from Jeff Rich, drummer from Status Quo and were able to join in.

Our Trip to Hall Farm Park

We had a fabulous day at the farm. We began with fun in the Play Barn and we loved climbing and sliding together.

Hungry Cows

Next, we headed for a tractor ride. We saw the cows up close and made sure they all got their fair share of potatoes.

Nosey Goats

Inside the animal barn we listened to a very sleepy pig with a very loud snore and watched some very friendly goats who watched us!

Busy Sheep

Afterwards we walked along the fields. The sheep were busy grazing.

Pecking Chickens

We asked the chickens to 'lay a little egg for me.'

Friendly Donkeys

The donkeys 'ee-aw'ed loudly to get our attention. We found out they are called Smartie and Rolo.

What are they?

It was the first time we had seen llamas.