Leylen wins the 'Endangered' award with his viola!

In years 4 and 5 we have specialist music teachers (from MAPAS) who come in and teach our children how to play the trumpet and violins. MAPAS also run open days where you can go and try out lots of different instruments. One of our students, Leylen, went to one of these open days and discovered the viola (an endangered instrument!). From there he attended some after school lessons at a local secondary school to started to learn how to play this new instrument. The Head of MAPAS, Sue Baker and Ian Williams from Soundboard (part of the fundraising committee for MAPAS) have the opportunity each year to present an award to someone who they think has really tried and is committed to learning music. This year they decided to present Leylen with this award for taking all the opportunities offered to him outside of school to learn to play an instrument and gave him a full size viola to start practicing on. They presented him with his award in our Achievements Assembly.