Year 3

In the Summer Term we are reading the Goosebumps book, 'The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb' by R. L. Stine. We hope it's not too scary for you (or the teachers)! 

Hello and welcome to the Summer Term in Year 3


We have some exciting plans this term and we are going to be busy learning lots of new things.

Our history topic is The Ancient Egyptians. Amongst other things, we'll be finding out about pharaohs, gods and mummies. What kind of music do mummies like most? Wrap music!

In geography lessons we will learn more about our local area including how it has changed.

In art lessons, we will develop our sewing skills to make something called a 'sampler' with different patterns of stitches.

In D&T lessons we will find out how levers work and we will make a model with moving parts.

Our PE lesson with Jonnie will be on a Wednesday this term. We will work on lots of athletic activities and take part in Sports Day. Our other PE lesson will be on a Thursday and we will play summer team games, like rounders.

In Science we will learn to name the parts of a plant and what their jobs are. We will also find out about the life cycle of a plant. Then we will study rocks and soils because there are lots of different types, and we will find out how fossils are formed.

In RE the we will think about special places and we will find out about some sacred places in the Christian and Hindu religions.

In Computing we will learn how to write programs, then we will be able to animate characters on the screen.

In music lessons we will will learn a well-known pop song called ‘Dancing in the Street’ and work on various music skills, including pulse, pitch and accompaniment.

This term we continue to learn French with Madame Wicks. Comment ca va?

Our WOW WEEK (week beginning 26th June) will be all about 'The Seaside' and will include a day at the beach in Cleethorpes. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

Well that's it. Hope you agree, it sounds pretty exciting!