.... we will follow up our trip to the Fishing Heritage Centre with our new topic on travel and transport.  We will be finding out about different types of transport for Geography and learning about changes and developments in travel and transport in history.  Our computing work will also follow on with this theme as we construct our own powerpoint presentation on different modes of transport, and in DT we will be designing and making our own wheeled vehicles.

In science we will be finding out about plants, trees and flowers, which will include growing lots of different things. We will also be attempting careful observational drawings in art and finding out about famous artists including Monet and Van Gogh.  We will also be looking at bodies, including finding out about the five senses linking this to our physical skills, when practising for Sports Day!

We will be consolidating a lot of this learning during our WOW WEEK, at the end of June, which will include a WHOLE SCHOOL TRIP TO CLEETHORPES!!!!! (Keep checking the website for more details).