Welcome to the Spring Term in Year 1!

This term we will continue to make regular trips outdoors to observe the seasonal changes that happen in and around our school grounds.  We will be considering the different clothes we wear, weather types and temperatures and changes to plants and wildlife, as winter turns into spring.

As part of first topic on "What makes us happy?" we will be partaking in regular exercise, which will include daily walks around the school playground, or field...so please ensure all children have a warm coat and sensible shoes (wellies are ideal!)

Our science focus, this term, is animals.  We will be learning to recognise and name lots of different animals and sorting them into groups such as mammals/ reptiles/ amphibians; and finding out about different animals' diets- recognising herbivores/ carnivores/ omnivores.

After half term we will be finding out about different houses and homes.  We will be finding out how houses have changed over time and recognising old and new artefacts for history.  We will also be looking at where we live, which will include walking around the local area and, hopefully a visit to The Fishing Heritage Center and Grimsby Minster.

Look out for photographs of these exciting events on future website pages!!!