Check this page every week to see if you (or your child) have won an award this week!

Pupil Of The Week

Mason is our Pupil of the Week this week.  He has impressed us all with his much improved behaviour and positive attitude to learning throughout the year.  Well done Mason.  Keep it up!

Writer Of The Week

Eva is our writer of the week.  Eva created a lovely piece of writing about "Life in Year 1".  She chose to start again and never gave up following a few mistakes in her first draft.  Well done Eva!

Reader Of The Week

Hermione is our Reader of the week. Hermione  has been reading fabulously as always using excellent expressions (voices).  She also answered some very difficult questions about her story. Well done Hermione.  Keep up the hard work!

Proud Person

Our Proud Person this week is Dyamme .  Dyamme says, "I am proud of staying on the green traffic light." We are also proud of you Dyamme! 

Marvellous Manners

Jacob is the winner of our Marvellous Manners this week. Jacob always looks after our things in the classroom.  He is also very polite ALWAYS remembering to use his please and thank yous. Well done Jacob!

Tidy Trophy

Miruna has won our Tidy Trophy this week. Miruna helps to keep her table tidy by putting things away at tidy time and encouraging the other children on her table to do the same. Well done Miruna.  Keep it up!