E-Safety is all about keeping you safe when going on the Internet. The Internet is a wonderful resource for you to access which we encourage as part of your education. Please look at the following websites to help you keep "SMART" when going on the World Wide Web.

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E-safety poster competition

Well done to our KS1 and KS2 winner of the 'E-safety Poster' competition. Their posters are now displayed outside of the school gates.

SMART rules

Use these to keep you safe on the internet

Other e-safety websites


'Kidsmart' is a website created by ChildNet to help you remember all that your teachers have taught you about E-safety

Follow this link to go to 'Kidsmart' website

'Know IT all'

'Know IT all' is a website full of resources on how to teach, you and your parents and carers on how to stay safe whilst using the internet

Follow this link to go to the 'Know IT all' website



The 'thinkuknow' website is another website filled with excellent resources for all ranges from 5-16 years.

Follow this link to go to the 'thinkuknow' website