What is a home?

Year 3 wrote list poems about what home means to them. Then they found out about children in other countries who are forced to flee their homes and become refugees. They thought about how they must feel leaving their homes behind. They expressed their feelings in a class prayer. Finally, they shared their work with the rest of the school and their parents in an assembly.We sent our poems to our partner school in Poland and they said, "We loved your poems." They wrote poems about their homes and sent them to us. Some of us were surprised to learn that their homes are very similar to ours and they feel the same about them as we do. We really enjoyed reading them.

These are our poems

How do you feel about your home? How would you feel if you had to flee your home suddenly and go to another country that you didn't know?

These are the poems from our friends in Zespól Szkól in Poland

Some of the poems we received were written in Polish. Alexandra, one of our year 6 pupils, is from Poland and she came to our class to read them to us and translate them into English. We enjoyed hearing them read aloud in Polish. They sounded beautiful.

Here is Alexandra reading one of the poems we received in Polish


Thank you, Alexandra! It sounds beautiful!