Sport for all

When we started this topic we had never heard of the paralympics and we didn't know it was possible for people with disabilities to take part in sports. We watched lots of videos and we were totally amazed at how skilful the athletes at the paralympics were. We thought about how we would feel if we were told we couldn't part. Libbie really didn't like it when Miss Herrick said she couldn't join in because she had blue eyes. Miss Herrick was just pretending but it made us realise that we need to do everything we can to include everyone in sport so that no one is left out. Leaving people out because they are different in some way is discrimination and that's bad. Sometimes it means making changes to rules or equipment so that everyone can join in. We thought about the games we play and decided how we could adpat them so that someone in a wheelchair or someone who is blind could also take part. It actually isn't that difficult! We tried out our idea to help someone who is blind to join in a running race by wearing blindfolds. Each blindfolded person had a partner who could see and they ran together. It worked really well.

Alex's Sporting Chance


After watching 'Alex's Sporting Chance' and other video clips of the London 2012 Paraolympics and the Invictus Games we decided as a class we wanted to make sure that sport at Littlecoates was for ALL children too. So we, Year 4/5,  have written a charter to make sure that all children at Littlecoates can access and enjoy sports, no matter what their capabilities.

'Sport for All' Charter by Year 4/5


Some of our thoughts at the end of the topic:

"I enjoyed when Miss Herrick said,'Right we are learning about the Paralympics' and evryone didn't know what it meant. I enjoyed the bit where the runners were blind and they had to run with a partner. We did it on the field." Rihanna

"You don't need all of your body parts to play sport. You can run if you are blind. You don't need legs to play basketball." Danielle

"In swimming you don't need legs and you don't need eyes either because they tap you with a ball so you know where to go." Corey