Our Favourite Games

We have been working on this project with our friends in Ghana. We have shared some of our favourite games. 

Our Year 2 children sent instructions explaining how to play some of their favourite games. These are instructions for a game called 'One to Ten'.


This is a game we play a lot in our school. We call it Tig and it's very simple. One person is on and they have to catch another person and say 'Tig'. Then it's their turn to be on. This video shows our year 2 children playing it.



This is a game played by children in our partner school in Ghana. It's called Ayenyah. It looks like great fun. We asked them to tell us the rules so we could have a go. This is what they said:

"The ayenyeh game is played by both boys and girls. All you need is to make round circle of children with either a stone or slippers and move the stone or slippers to be given to the person on your right. As you all move the slippers or stone the speed increases or decreases and failure to pick the slippers or stone to pass on to the next person will be out.



This is another game from our friends in Ghana. It's called Ampe. One person is the leader. They play opposite a partner. As they land they thrust forward one leg. If the leg mirrors their partner's leg (i.e. it's on the same side), they stay the leader or they score a point. If the legs are are not mirrored (i.e. they are on opposite sides) the other person becomes the leader or they score a point. We liked it so much we had a go, too. See the video below.


Our first attempt playing Ampe

When our friends in Ghana saw the videos of us playing their game, they said:

"We are happy to see your children practicing the Ghanaian game ampe.  When we visit each other we will teach how to play the games very well."