Every Drop Counts

Over the past 2 years the Littlecoates' pupils have been trying to improve their knowledge of water, water problems around the world and why water conservation is so important.

The Water Cycle

This class introduced the rest of the school to The Water Cycle during an assembly. They demonstrated how water moves through the water cycle and taught us all of the different processes that are involved.

World Water Day

The whole school took part in raising money through the Pupil Pipeline project. We raised £25.43 which means 12.5 meters of water pipes will be installed to help a school in Ethiopia who only has 1 tap for all its staff and pupils

Our Assembly

On the 24th May 2016 we did an assembly for the whole school about the importance of water conservation. We explained how difficult it is for people to access water in some parts of the world and we told them that wasting water is bad for the environment. We gave them tips on how to conserve water by doing things like turning off the tap when brushing your teeth. We made posters to remind them and we put them up around school. We shared with them our plan to conserve water in school. We are going to raise money to buy a water butt for our gardening club to use.